Welcome to the WHO E-Atlas of Disaster Risk - your most reliable source of information on disaster risk around the world. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, accurate and timely information to help you understand and be prepared for potential disaster risks.


   As an initiative of the World Health Organization, our web portal is designed to enable global communities to better understand and be aware of disaster risk. We anticipate that by providing this reliable information, we will be able to help create a more resilient planet.

   What is the WHO E-Atlas of Disaster Risk?

The WHO E-Atlas of Disaster Risk is a dynamic information atlas that provides detailed analysis about the potential risk of disasters in different parts of the world. It uses modern technologies such as GIS (Geographic Information System) and Big Data to provide accurate and timely data that is easily accessible to all.


   What kind of information can you find on our site?

In our E-Atlas you will find a wide range of information on disaster risk. Whether you're a researcher, policy maker, health professional or ordinary citizen, our resources will help you better understand and prepare for potential disaster risks.

  • Risk Maps: We provide interactive risk maps that show the potential risk of different types of disasters in specific locations. You can customize these maps to see the specific data that interests you.

  • Analytics Reports: Our analytics reports provide in-depth analysis of disaster risk data. These reports show trends, predictions and potential impacts of different disaster scenarios. 

  • Preventive measures and response: In addition to risk information, we also provide advice and resources on how to prevent and deal with disasters. This information follows WHO best practices.

  Why use the WHO E-Atlas of Disaster Risk?

Given the dynamic climate change and increasing risk of disasters, it is important for us to be prepared. The WHO E-Atlas of Disaster Risk is an important tool that can help different sectors of society understand, anticipate and respond to potential risks.

We encourage you to use our E-Atlas. We believe that through our work we can help create a world that is wisely aware of disaster risks and is better prepared to deal with them. Browse our site to learn more and take action today. Remember, information is the key to safety.

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